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LHS Class of 1960 “Do You Remember When?

By Bill Justus & Trudy Sciurba


Babs & Bunnys (How great was this place!!!)

The great bakeries in Lyndhurst (Real Hard Rolls!!!)

Ice Skating, Fishing and swimming at the Millie (Rt. 3)   

Swimming at B.A.B. in the Passaic River

The Artisan Well at Great Notch & the Passaic River in the park across from Demassi Motors

The Boat Ramp (Nutley) just past the Kingsland Ave. Bridge off Rt.21

The East Rutherford Football game on Thanksgiving

Three Acre Bar & Grill & Ronnie the Bar/Grill Tender who was there for 200 yrs!

The Garden House, home of The Knockouts, as well as, Lou Caddy and the Panics

Mrs. Gass & Mr. Jillard (Lincoln School)

Bud Al with his blue and white Chevy convertible....gorgeous

Molly Ollie & Baby Sam

Hunting & Trapping in the Meadows

The Route 3 Drive in

Berry’s Creek! (Great Swimming)

Indian Head at the Brick Works (Top of Valley Brook Ave.)

The long Train Tunnel there, too

The Flats (Marin Ovals) (The great Feasts, Circuses & The Blimp that crashed there)

Miller Pies

Rat shooting in the town cistern, at the dumps

Ring A Leerio with Ritchie Pezzola, Allan Apple Concha, Rags Mahoney, Bill Justus & the other guys       

At the R.R. & Lincoln School

Rutherford   Zimmermans (The Suit Club), Berlins Army & Navy store

R&S (Roth & Schlinger), Auto Store (Ridge Rd. & Park Ave.)

Rutherford Sporting Goods,  “(Ambrosio Brothers) (I bought guns & ammo there when I was   16) (We were poor & bought .22s for .50/a box & bought shotgun shells by the shell for .12 cents! –       who could afford a whole box!)

The old Swivel Bridge on River Road across the Passaic River (Before the Rt 3 Bridge)

The Italian Bakery by the R.R. on Ridge Road who made the BEST Cannolis on the planet

Joe Polito our Sr. Science Teacher. (He was married to my kindergarten teacher, Miss Calleo from Washington School)

Vath’s Auto Repair on Ridge Road & NJ Ave. (The dirtiest place in the world)

Miss Macia (Dearie), Mr. Murberg (ex LtCdr Navy), Mr Calvo (Fast Hands Eddie), Miss Krisel, the hottest teacher!, and finally, the prettiest teacher, Miss Cantasano, Yesssssssssssssss

Bonnie Dell Farms (Rutherford off Rt.17 in the Meadows

The ACME (The only Supermarket in Lyndhurst for years….(Stuyvesant Ave. & Tontine Ave.)

The Lyndhurst Rec. & Tontine Bowling Alley (4 Lanes)…“ ( I was a pin boy there for a few months)

The Blizzard of 47  48 (3ft)

The Ritz Movie Theater (Remember (2 features on Sat with 10 cartoons and a chapter from a

Serial, ALL for .18 cents)

The Rivoli in Rutherford

The Trolley Tracks on Ridge Road .(((My father told me that the trolley used a turn table on Valley

Brook and Ridge Road)) (That’s why the road is so wide at the light)

Pesile & Cafone’s Hardware Store on Valley Brook Ave.

Dorando’s Pizza on Valley Brook & Stuyvesant Ave.

The Ammo Dump in the Meadows(Remember the Gun Cotton?)

Faf Faf (A fireman)

Our Great Little Leagues (I was on the Fire Dept.)

John Tree!...Bobby Trancone (Babaloo)! 

The Station Gang (Paul Stillwagon)

Egan’s in North Arlington

Down the Hook

The Lyndhurst Pool & Marina (The Stich family)

Rutt’s Hut, Neileys, Bertlins, and Kavaugh’s

The 102 Bus to Newark for .16 cents &   The Commercial Leader (The most useless paper in the world)

The Green 1938 Buick Zukmobile) (The Zukowsky brothers)

Patsey’s Food Market on Ridge Road

Wachter’s Jewish Deli (By Washington School)

Jack’s Candy & Soda Fountain (By Washington School)

Ernst’s ESSO Gas Station (By Washington School), The oldest ESSO Station in the U.S.

Tommy Natale’s Playgirl Hair Salon

Jo Jo’s Pizza on Ridge Road by Washington School

Nick Alcuri (Nick the Barber)

When Lilly Wolf was the town Liberian

The Lyndhurst Men’ Shop

Norman    (From the Hook)

Awful Awfuls – (Bond’s)

Hunting & Trapping in the Meadows

The Lyndhurst Shop Yards & Hudson Wholesale

The Cork Shop (Ridge Road replaced Wachter’s)

Shit’s Creek

The Ressy (Reservoir across from Bill & Joes on Schuyler Ave.

The “Timberetty Toothpick Stadium” (Washington School Playground/Ball Field)

The Black Knight (1950 Chopped/Custom Chevy)


Howdy Doody! (Me)

The great Memorial Day & 4th of July Parades, “(Especially when they came by Valley brook Ave. & Ridge Road)

The Great Fireman’s Parade of 1949 50

The great and famous Pricilla’s Guerillas from Pricilla’s Pharmacy

The IGNITORS Car Club –(Fred Strom, Larry Callahan, Eddie Johnson, Bill Justus, Jack Santulli, Bobby Porro)

Georgeann Avitable’s  1960 Chevy Convertible

Arvine Yeager’s beautiful 1950 Tiasian Red Chevy

Danny Coranoto’s  Rose Colored T Bird

The Golden Bears! And Tommy Longo

When Lou Monte put us on the map when he sang the "Darktown Strutters Ball" and ended it with the      phrase, "Are you from Lyndhurst?" 

The Blue Ribbon candy store located next to the Ritz theatre

The Aztec Diner on Rt. 3

Painting the store windows with Halloween scenes during the season

O'Dowds Ice Cream on Rt. 46......the biggest and best sundaes

 Lerner Shops in Rutherford, where many of our classmates worked after school

Fern's Bakery on Ridge Rd., noted for their cheesecake

For those who attended Lincoln School...Mrs. Kellow, our kindergarten teacher

Split sessions at LHS....I remember leaving after dark and walking to Hudson Wholesale to work

Driving to The Valley Sweet Shop during our lunch breaks at LHS, with 'the girls'

Harold's 5 and 10 cent store on Ridge Rd., where I purchased most of my school supplies

The wonderful dances in the crowded OLD Gym   very romantic :)

walking together to the roller rink in Belleville

The wonderful Mr. Tom Gash   first as a teacher in Roosevelt School and then as the class of 1960's Guidance Counselor   for 4 years 

The Home Made Ice Cream Store and fountain on Ridge Road & near NJ Ave...(Next to where Reid’s Plumbing, formerly, Westminster Presbyterian Church

Verdi’s Fish Market (Cor. Valley Brook Ave. & Ridge Road – Diane Verdi’s family)


Going to church before football games

Anyone remember Lou's Bugle at Football games?

Help me out here:  MR JOY'S FAVORITE WORD (the one that I always argued wasn't in the dictionary  and was always sent out of class!)

 Painting the store windows with Halloween scenes during the season

 O'Dowds Ice Cream on Rt. 46......the biggest and best sundaes

 Lerner Shops in Rutherford, where many of our classmates worked after school

 For those who attended Lincoln School...Mrs. Kellow, our kindergarten teacher

 Split sessions at LHS....I remember leaving after dark and walking to Hudson Wholesale to work

Driving to The Valley Sweet Shop during our lunch breaks at LHS, with 'the girls'

Harold's 5 and 10 cent store on Ridge Rd., where I purchased most of my school supplies     

Steve’s Shoe Repair – (Where we got our CLEATS put on)     

Mazur’s Crum Buns!!!

Joe, The Ice Cream man

Bonfires at the Marin Oval

The floods on Lafayette Place

Soap Box Derby Races on Ten Eyck Ave

The Rt. 3 Drive Drive In

Trips to Seaside Heights the day after the prom!

Parties at Pat Wonica’s

When jeans were called dungarees

Spy vs Spy (Mad Comic)

The Garden Delli…(Page Ave. & Chase) Carole Zelna’s father

Jacob’s Dept. Store (Ridge Rd. by the Ritz)

The Good Humor Man

Dr. Simms (Page Ave.)

Punks from the meadows (Cat Tails)

Dugan’s (bread truck)

Krug’s (Bread Truck)

The Milk Man

The Knife Sharpener & Vegetable peddler

We played Marbles & “Go Fish”

We spun Tops

Listened to “Let’s Pretend”, “Lights Out”, “The Shadow”, “The Inner Sanctum”

Listened to “Tops $64.00 Question

Spike Jones

When Bert Parks was the MC for the Miss America Pageant

Beat the Clock with Bud Collier!

Cutting the goal posts before a football game got some of us in hot water. How did Mr. Gash ever find  out it had to be someone with pipe cutters. Was there a plumber's son in our class?

Mischief Night!

Leslie Co. on Valley Brook Ave.

San Carlos – (I was married there to wife 1)

The Royal Hawaiian Palms – (Our Prom Place)

When cigarettes were 23 cents a pack and so was gas @ .23 a gallon

 Richie Pezzola pulling down his shorts before going into a basketball game in the old Gym

"Little Joe (S) can really go" newspaper quote in 1959 football season

The battle over having our graduation in the new gym

Stewarts for burgers, dogs and root beer – (Rt. 17)

Albie's Chevy got wrecked by some Polish girl

John Kauf's famous "blob" in mechanical drawing

Best looking cheerleaders in the state.

Taking the No 102 bus to Rutherford

Tommy Longo's touchdown pass to Albie Bloom against Passaic (Lyndhurst 65, Passaic 64. PVC Jamboree final)

Tommy Longo running back a kickoff for a touchdown on the first play after breaking his Ribs

La Dues Candy store on Valley Brook (off of Green Ave.)

Abo's Candy store on Stuyvesant Ave (off of Second Ave) (Arthur’s parents)

Italian bread store on Valley Brook Ave.

The “Ice Man”…(Only the rich had a refrigerator!)

The Ice House for Block Ice on Valleybrook Ave. & Chase Ave.

Whatever happened to The Missing Eileen Wisneski??????

Ford’s Motor Express (off Ridge Rd. by the Ritz) who used “ Chain Drive”

Mack Trucks with solid rubber tires & Oak Spoke wheels)(I saw one of these trucks in the Smithsonian (Bill Justus))

Harry Quinzer was the Scout Master of Troop 3

Pennwarden’s Paint & Wallpaper Store on Valleybrook Ave…Across from The Library & Town Hall

Tony Mack – (Only the guys who hunted & trapped near the dumps Would know him)

The Passaic YMCA

The “Lincoln” Movie Theater in Arlington

The junk yards on the Belleville Pike where all young guys with cars, lived

When William Gallagher was the Mayor…(Bonnie’s father)

King Kone – (River Rd. in the Hook)

Kraus’s Hobby shop – (Ridge Rd. & Kingsland Ave.)

Dr. Markle & Mr. Gagliardi

The Navy LST for the Sea Scouts on the Passaic River in Nutley off Rt. 21

Rowena our Queen (RIP) and Albie our King

Chizzie's last second jump shot to beat Clifton in the basketball tournament

   Leaving classes early to attend religious classes

Louie's grandfather's homemade vino celebrating his graduation

Halstead Bakery on Ridge Road  (Joan Mc worked there)

Peoples Pharmacy

How about the old “Mercury” dances in E. Rutherford?

The Record Hop in Passaic on Sundays…(All the R & R greats Played there in the late 50s)

The White Castle and the “Baker’s Dozen” bag of burgers we took to

The Rt. 3 Drive In

“Cookie’s” Teen aged Night Club in Butler – (A bad Place)

Andre’s at Greenwood lake…(After Cookie’s on Friday nights)

Hawaiian Eye, 77 Sunset Strip, Sea Hunt, Gunsmoke, Have Gun, will Travel

Crusin Ridge Road Stuyvesant Ave. Park Ave. into Rutherford

The Motel on the Mountain    (Today it’s a Japanese Restaurant)

Nicky Onembo’s 55 Chevy

Zepolees at the feasts!!!

 When Phone Numbers started with telling operator….Rutherford 2 9999 or “Party A Z,    Please”

When us poor folks had “Party Lines”

When “The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms”, was the biggest thing & played At the Bradford, in Newark, circa 1953

The Ernie Kovacs show in the morning…(The Kapusta Kid Schroeder, the Weather  

Puppet Percy Dovetonsils  & Uncle Grusome) – Edie Adams

Soupy Sales, Junior Frolics on Ch 13, in Newark with Uncle Fred Sales

 Rocky the Flying Squirrel, Annette, (wheeeew)

Pasquin Motors (Ford) & Laird Johnson Chevrolet on Park Ave. (Rutherford)

The IT&T “Tower”, in Nutley off Rt. 21…(It was a wireless Aerial For wireless communications)

Frank & Sally Navarro!

The swimming pool behind Ippolito’s Funeral Home…(They later Filled it in for a parking lot)

Mrs. Horton….(I wonder what she’d think about me becoming a Writer & published author!!!...Her worst student – Bill Justus)

Paramus Lake – (Especially, the Monday after we graduated)

Our Senior Trip up the Hudson on the Circle Line – (and the hidden booze)

The largest class in the town’s history!

How about the "beongaleen man"  (the bleach man) who delivered bleach to the house

The 93 bus that turn onto Second Ave from Ridge Road & Machio's Pizza

Craig Waskiewicz's father’s store on Ridge Road between Second and New York Ave

The Poultry Store on Ridge Road across from St. Joseph's cemetery where one could  pick out a  live chicken and have it it for dinner that night.

What about Mrs Farquer from Lincoln School

Mrs. McMahn (the Ex Burlesque Dancer from Jefferson School)

The Italian Ice from Lyndhurst Pastry

Hocky's Liquors on Ridge Road near Rutherford Ave.

The Green Avenue Gang

Stick ball & Parades down Second Ave.

Bobby Campanella   "Campy"   what great art he did

Peoples Pharmacy where one could test the tubes from your T.V.

Changing classes for shop and sewing at Lincoln school.  (All the grammar  school students  had to walk to Lincoln for shop and sewing)

The Inter City Bus Lines – (The Brown Busses)

 When 6th & 7th Streets, (above the Hook), were just fields with a small stream running   through the middle  (circa, 1949)

 The family that built the small cargo ship that was in two halves for years, along the   river, in North Arlington….(One day they welded the 2 halves together & later went to sea)

EJ KORVETTES in North Arlington

Baseball Cards – Bottle Caps – Match Book Covers

Tobby’s Bar on Marin & Orient Way & Toby!

The Knockouts and “Darling Loraine”!

Solace Ct…( Bet. Page – Ridge Rd.  _Kingsland Ave.), when it was a forest

Our Freshman Dance

When 78 rpm records became 33 1/3 LP Records!!!!!!

Transistor Radios first made their entrance

Alan Freed and also “The Bruce, called Raymond”, from the first Rock & Roll radio station in Newark

The add for Thunderbird Wine…”What’s the Word…Thunderbird…What’s the Price  50 Twice”

When Frank Genovese saved Jack Santulli when he was shot in the leg By running two miles out of the meadows to get help…(That’s a real hero!)

George Wortz Plumbing with the slogan, “Let George Do it” on his truck

The Three H Tavern on Stuyvesant Ave.

The Garofalo family was responsible for those delicious zeppoles at the Mt. Carmel

Feast down the Hook. Trudy helped them when she started dating Sal, as the sales girl.

How about the Color Guard who carried our great flag. (Bonnie, Joan, Roena)

When Jim Melachcio, Jack McKenna, George Bowman and Jim Kearney enlisted in the  Marine Corp in the buddy system. (I ran into Jimmy in January, 1964 at the Naval Air   Station, in Norfolk, VA. He was stationed in the Marine barracks…I was in a helicopter   anti submarine squadron, nearby…Our carrier was the Randolph…The other squadron      was on the Intrepid, which is now in NYC, on the Hudson! – Bill Justus)

 Bert’s TV Repair store on Valleybrook Ave. & Stuyvesant Ave. (The Boogle Bldg)

The Chatterbox at Seaside Heights!


When Psycho, the movie, scared the crap out of everyone!

The REX Movie theater in E. Rutherford

The little red school house on River Road, when it still was a school

When only a few houses on the block had a TV

“Take a Brody”…….”Aw, Get Atta Here”

Remember Lou Chiocco’s bugle? Well, he still has the bugle & will bring it to the next Reunion (when?)

Remember when   flooding the tennis courts in the winter to go ice skating

Remember when   Dancing in gym class for Physical Ed

Remember George, Fred, Lou and Bill setting the pipeline on fire

Remember THE SENIOR PLAY, "Out of the Frying Pan"   Lou was the original "off off" Broadway  coming out of the trunk in Boxers!

Remember playing DODGE BALL in gym class; (Lets play that at the next Reunion!)

When Bill Justus pinned Cosmo in the gym wrestling match!

When a certain gym teacher hit on many of the girls on a regular basis!

 When we didn’t start our sophomore year till almost October and went from 7:30 AM till 12:30PM

Poodle Skirts

 Wrap skirts with those big safety pins

 When girls wore their sweaters – backwards!

Chinos with a belt in the back

Mens pants with saddle stitching, pistol pockets and a pink stripe down the leg

Only a few of us could do ‘Ham Bone”…(And I was one of those guys Bill J.)

Bobby Helms singing “Jingle Bell Rock”

Bobby Porro’s night club on Paterson Plank Road by the track

Boat Neck shirts

The “Old” Tick Tock Diner

Saddle Shoes & Tan Bucks

“Pegged” pants

When the only way down the shore was Rt. 1 & 9 & Rt 35

The Camel Cigarette “Smoke Ring” blowing sign on Times Square

Detention in the auditorium

Our teen crushes & dates

Mr. Roach and Driver’s Ed….(Tan 1959 Pontiac)

The NEW Gym!

Eight grade at the High School….What a Hoot!

Mr. Ruggerio and Miss Staples….Our grammar school gym teachers!!!

Fireworks at the High School on the 4th of July

The old Leslie Co. on Valleybrook Ave.

Drag Racing at Montgomery, NY

The Slop, Cha Cha, Stroll & Chalipso!

The beginning of Rock & Roll

The first day you took your car to school!

The realization that high school was OVER!!!!

The old desks in grammar school with the ink wells – (I had the ink jar with Sliding tab)

Freddie Strom’s “56” Custom Ford

The old wooden phone booths with white porcelain doors handles and phones

With the ear piece on the cable and the mouth piece on the phone on the wall

Motor bikes, not motorcycles – (My brother Pete had one…Bill)

The Lyndhurst Bike Store on Stuyvesant Ave.

 Al Reid’s Town Tavern on Stuyvesant Ave.

Joey D Andrea’s Hot “50” custom green Ford

A Bomb Drills in school when we had to under our desks 


The record, “ Flying Saucers”

When you were lucky enough to be chosen to be a Crossing or Playground Guard

Willie the Janitor, at the High School

1960 was a VERY GOOD YEAR!

All our hot cheerleaders!

The great High School Band!

The Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew books

Schaffer’s Hardware Store on Ridge Road & Kingsland Ave…… 

When everyone walked to school

The “THING”….(James Arness)

For the guys who trapped and hunted in the great meadows of Lyndhurst, N. Arlington and Rutherford(Kingsland Creek, 1st & 2nd Creeks & Sawmill Creek)… All the guys   who lived between Marin Ave. and Teneyk would remember this   When Gary Gudetti’s Grandfather was murdered!!

“Beatnik Day” at the High school….and of course, Tommy Natale!!

When Jimmy Delavolpe was called, “Neon Noodle” & “Potsey”

The great Drs. Candio…(Dentist & Dr.)….The Dr. delivered me and the dentist fixed my   Teeth – Bill J.)

Two Guys from Harrison